Health insurance
  • Insurance allows you to get access to private medical care. Health packages provide access to private medical facilities in Poland. The variant and the premium determine access to a certain number of specialists, a certain number of tests / benefits and even access to private treatments or hospital operations. Some variants also include dentistry.
  • You can choose to have individual health insurance for yourself, your family, your child or your senior, or you can purchase group insurance for your workplace.
  • I will conduct a detailed assessment of your insurance needs to focus on what is important and not generate unnecessary costs.
  • Your premium is primarily affected by your insurance option, age and health status.
  • All you need is an ID card.
  • Voluntary health insurance for a relatively small monthly fee means you can get free x-ray, lab tests or MRI. Some insurance companies also offer private emergency rooms and home health care visits.
  • Health insurance coverage is very broad and gives you the opportunity to customize the type and scope of benefits by selecting the appropriate policy option.

Business Insurance

Insurance can cover business assets, as well as protect against the consequences of unintentionally causing damage in connection with your business.


Life insurance

Ubezpieczenie na życie Ubezpieczenie to pozwoli zabezpieczyć Ciebie i Twoją Rodzinę na wypadek śmierci, inwalidztwa lub poważnych zachorowań. Na wypadek śmierci ubezpieczonego osoby wskazane w

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