Property insurance
  • Insurance allows you to protect your apartment or home and all of your accumulated belongings from all random events as well as theft and vandalism.
  • The insurance should cover the premises or house together with all fixed elements (e.g. all installations, plaster, tiles, panels, built-in furniture and equipment) and movable equipment (e.g. electrical equipment, radio/television/appliances, furniture, other specific items of particular value).
  • It is also important to insure your windshields and ceramic coatings against breakage and cracking. However, it is most important to extend your homeowners policy to include everyday liability insurance, which is a good financial safety net in case of unforeseen damage to third parties or their property
  • The subject of the insurance may be not only a house or an apartment, but also a house under construction, a summer house, a gravestone or other structures, e.g. a swimming pool, garden sheds, photovoltaic panels.
  • Among other things, the premium is affected by the type of property and its value, the year of construction, the value of household movables, whether there is a business or whether the property is rented.
  • Insurance can be taken out by property owner, tenant or any other third party, but the insured remains the owner of the property.

The policy can be taken out for a period of 1 or 3 years, so you have a price guarantee.

Property insurance for loan/cession

In the case of a mortgage loan, the policy offered by banks secures only the bank's interest and does not give real protection to the owner. Solutions prepared by me allow for real protection of the property and assets located in the premises. I do not generate unnecessary costs.


Life insurance

Ubezpieczenie na życie Ubezpieczenie to pozwoli zabezpieczyć Ciebie i Twoją Rodzinę na wypadek śmierci, inwalidztwa lub poważnych zachorowań. Na wypadek śmierci ubezpieczonego osoby wskazane w

Cash loan

Cash loan Do you need cash to renovate an apartment, vacation or maybe a new car? Our specialists in the financial industry will find it for you


Business Insurance

Insurance can cover business assets, as well as protect against the consequences of unintentionally causing damage in connection with your business.

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