Travel insurance
  • This insurance covers the cost of medical treatment abroad in connection with illness and random events, including when practising high-risk sports or working abroad. This insurance also provides transportation back home if circumstances require it and allows for travel baggage insurance. 
  • The scope of insurance is important. It is worth to include in the policy chronic diseases, practiced sports or willingness to work for a living. This may result in a refusal to cover costs related to the illness or their reimbursement after return.
  • The amount of the sum insured, adequate to the region of travel, is also important.
  • In case of risky sports, the sum insured for civil liability is important.
  • The sum insured, the region you intend to visit, the type of sports you practice and any chronic diseases, among other things, will affect the premium

What is the difference between travel insurance and the EHIC?

  • The EHIC card works only in the EU and provides benefits in public facilities, while the travel policy provides access to private facilities. Thanks to the policy you can avoid costs related to rescue or search operations and transport to the country.

Property insurance

In the case of a mortgage loan, the policy offered by banks secures only the bank's interest and does not give real protection to the owner.


Business Insurance

Insurance can cover business assets, as well as protect against the consequences of unintentionally causing damage in connection with your business.

Cash loan

Cash loan Do you need cash to renovate an apartment, vacation or maybe a new car? Our specialists in the financial industry will find it for you

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