Agricultural insurance
  • Insurance for individuals - farmers. Agricultural insurance is a full protection of the farm and private property on one policy. They are divided into obligatory (farmers' third-party liability insurance on account of owning an agricultural holding, insurance of buildings forming a part of an agricultural holding against fire and other random events, insurance of agricultural crops, third-party insurance for holders of motor vehicles) and voluntary (third-party liability in private life, personal accident insurance for the farmer/ relatives/employees, assistance services - catastrophic/domestic/medical, personal belongings outside the farm in case of robbery).
  • The civil liability policy of the farmer is purchased for a period of 12 months. After this time, of course, you can use the offer of another insurance company, but you must remember to terminate the farmer's liability policy in writing no later than the day before the end of the contract. This falls on the day before the initial date of signing the contract. If you don't, the farmer's liability policy will automatically renew when it is paid up.
  • How much you will pay for a farmer's liability policy depends on the insurance company, the size of the farm, the number of employees, vehicles, and whether the farmer raises animals.

Cash loan

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Car insurance

Compulsory liability insurance may also include other voluntary insurance such as: AC, NNW, Assistance, windshield and tire insurance.


Business Insurance

Insurance can cover business assets, as well as protect against the consequences of unintentionally causing damage in connection with your business.

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