Car insurance
  • Compulsory liability insurance may also include other voluntary insurance such as: AC, NNW, Assistance, windshield and tire insurance.
  • The premium is affected by, among other things, location, age of the owner, engine capacity, make, value of the vehicle, year of manufacture, period of eligibility, but most importantly, damage history with the UFG.
  • In case of AC insurance, the most important is the scope, i.e. the variant of loss settlement (original parts or substitutes), purchase of parts depreciation, own shares.
  • In Assistance, on the other hand, important parameters are the towing limits and the possibility of using a replacement vehicle in case of a breakdown or an accident, and even the possibility of using a hotel during the trip.
  • By working with multiple insurance companies, you will have access to a variety of quotes that vary in coverage and price. Insurance for the same price can vary greatly in the amount of coverage, scope and additional options.

Mortgage loan

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Cash loan

Cash loan Do you need cash to renovate an apartment, vacation or maybe a new car? Our specialists in the financial industry will find it for you


Mortgage Credit decision is not everything. Each bank encourages people to take advantage of its offer, and consumers often do not know what to look for,

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