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Property insurance

Insurance allows you to protect your apartment or home and all of your accumulated belongings from all random events as well as theft and vandalism.


Cash loan

Cash loan Do you need cash to renovate an apartment, vacation or maybe a new car? Our specialists in the financial industry will find it for you


Mortgage loan

Mortgage Loan A mortgage loan is slightly different from a standard mortgage. The main difference is primarily the purpose of the financial support.



Mortgage Credit decision is not everything. Each bank encourages to take advantage of its offer, and consumers often do not


Health insurance

Insurance allows you to get access to private medical care. Health packages provide access to private medical facilities in Poland.


Business Insurance

Insurance can cover business assets, as well as protect against the consequences of unintentionally causing damage in connection with your business.


Travel insurance

This insurance covers the cost of medical treatment abroad in connection with illness and random events, including when practising high-risk sports or working abroad.


The most important for me are the needs of my clients. Thanks to cooperation with me, I want you to feel joy, be satisfied and have a sense of security. Well-chosen insurance will protect your property and life, which is most important. I want to provide the highest quality of service to each client, which is why I treat clients with respect and put their welfare first. Everything I do is to improve the quality of life of my clients.

I work with many companies, which is why I will look for solutions that are always competitive in quality and price.  
With me you will save time and money. I care about building a strong relationship with you. 

I treat work as a source of personal development, professional fulfillment and joy.


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